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$155.99 $259.99 40% Off
Designed for easy handling and solid performance, the Active Skate will speed up your learning curve and get you enjoying skate skiing as quickly as possible, while keeping up with your inevitable skill progression. The improved confidence that beginner and intermediate skiers receive from the ski construction will help them develop a more efficient and dynamic push, as well as a longer and more comfortable gliding phase.
$149.99 $249.99 40% Off
The Active Skin Jr is perfect for young skiers looking for a waxless classic ski. Whether training, racing, or skiing for fun, the Active skin will provide junior skiers with reliable grip from the mohair and nylon skin to make for an enjoyable skiing experience.
$329.99 $549.99 40% Off
The lightweight construction of the Endurace Skin is designed for long weekend tours in the mountains; but is also perfect for blasting around the local tracks after work. The new lightweight core material significantly decreases weight, increases responsiveness, and makes for a more enjoyable on-snow experience! Rock solid grip is provided in all conditions by the skin-specific camber profile and our 70% mohair and 30% nylon integrated skin. Changeable conditions and lack of time are no longer an excuse not to get out and ski with the Madshus Endurace Skin!
$161.99 $269.99 40% Off
Designed for easy handling and solid performance in all conditions, the Madshus Active Skin features a mohair and nylon skin to provide consistent, reliable grip and good glide—all without the need for kick wax or klister!
$299.99 $499.99 40% Off
Featuring a wider construction and a sidecut perfectly suited to maximize stability, the Nordic Pro Skin is designed for touring and recreation. With an Integrated Skin made from 70% Mohair and 30% nylon, combined with our skin-specific camber, the Nordic Pro Skin provides an enjoyable skiing experience in all conditions. This means you no longer need to apply klister or kick wax, and can spend more time skiing.
$179.99 $299.99 40% Off
The Nordic skin is a touring ski designed with beginner and intermediate skiers in mind. The ski is engineered with a sidecut specifically tuned to improve stability and make skiing easy. The Integrated Mohair and nylon skin ensures that you always have reliable grip and good glide, so you don’t even need to worry about kick wax.
$167.97 $279.95 40% Off
If resort skiing is your destination, then mount up in a pair of Frontier skis. The waxless bases are easy to care for and perform well on groomed and traccked trails. Premounted with Rottefella's Touring Auto binding for easy step in and push-button release, the interface can be upgraded to a MOVE binding for a heightened experience. Recommended boots: T10, T10Eve, T5
$159.95 - $189.95
Thinking about taking up cross country skiing or replacing a worn out pair of recreational sticks? If so, then the Energy skis are the choice for you. These simple kick and glide skis have a patterned base for grip and some sidecut to help manage turns. Premounted with Rottefella's Basic binding, the package setup is affordable and will provide years of winter fun! Recommended boots: T10, T10Eve, T5.
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