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There are few things that ruin more for a nice ski trip than slippery skis and poor glide, even a perfect day can be below average if the equipment does not play on teams. With MOVE ™ Switch it is easy to do something about this. Four different adjusters provide good grip on the up hills and good glide down. With the MOVE ™ Switch you can enjoy the nature experience without sacrificing the equipment for a thought. Compatible with NIS 2.0 & 3.0 mounting plate.
The Rottefella MOVE™ Switch Unit is the front piece that serves to control binding movement. The MOVE™ Switch Unit is for all classic skis and can be used in conjunction with all NIS plates, IFP Plates and Rottefella Mounting Plates (RFP) with appropriate adapter (for NIS 1.0, IFP and RFP skis) and MOVE Manual binding. The MOVE System can be made to work with any binding-plate platform, including Turnamic® IFP plates, old-style NIS plates and the new Salomon/Atomic mounting plate (RMP). Rottefella has two new NIS plates (2.0 and 3.0) that are longer than the previous NIS plate (now called 1.0) and has attachment points for the MOVE Switch. The new v. 3.0 plates come on all new Madshus, Kastle and Peltonen classic skis. The MOVE System does require an NNN binding be used, so SNS users will need to switch to a Prolink or NNN- compatible boot to use the system. Rottefella has changed the MOVE system to come in 3 parts: Move Units, Move Bindings and Move Adapters. You combine the parts based on the plate on the ski and which MOVE Unit is most appropriate for your needs.
Madshus Rottefella Touring Auto Classic Black Single Pack. NIS plate not included.
- Rottefella's Xcelerator 2.0 Skate bindings are lightweight race bindings. - Reduced weight and added strength compared to previous versions. - Compatible with NNN nordic boots sizes 36-52. - Fits skis with NIS plates. - Sold as a pair.
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